Juvenile Review Board



The goal of the Waterford Juvenile Review Board (WJRB) is to offer help to youth and their families while avoiding the Juvenile Justice System. The Board designs alternatives that:

  • Promote responsible behavior by offenders
  • Help families solve the problems that may be at the root of inappropriate behavior
  • Consider the needs of the victim

Eligibility & Referral

  • The WJRB will accept referrals for any Waterford resident who is under the age of 18.
  • Referrals will be accepted by the Waterford Police Department and Public Schools. A family with service needs can make a referral through the Waterford Police Department.
  • Youth referred by the Waterford Police Department must accept total responsibility for the offense with which they are charged.
  • Referrals are accepted when the child and family agree to cooperate with the WJRB and sign a contract.
  • Acceptance to the WJRB is made on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion of the Board Members. Any serious juvenile offense will not be accepted.
  • The WJRB may only be used one time.


  1. After the WJRB has reviewed the case, a recommendation will be made to the youth and the referring source. The recommendation will provide the child and family with corrective and supportive community-based solutions.
  2. A WJRB Caseworker will be assigned to assist the family in accessing these services.
  3. The recommendation will be specific and include a time limit for expected completion.
  4. If the youth fails to cooperate, the case may be returned to the referral source and sent to the Juvenile Court.

2023-2024 Juvenile Review Board 

  • Christopher Jones, Chairman
  • Dani Gorman Director, Waterford Youth and Family Services
  • Joseph Trelli Case Manager, Waterford Youth Services
  • Andrew Staunton Clinical Supervisor, Waterford Youth Services
  • Christian Charron Waterford Police Department
  • Gilbert Maffeo Waterford Police Department
  • Tomeka Howard Waterford Public Schools
  • Brandon Smith Community-At-Large
  • Thompson Lewis Juvenile Probation Supervisor, State of CT
  • Andrea Sullivan Community-At-Large
  • Isabella Dazzi Intake Specialist, Waterford Youth and Family
  • Christopher Muckle Community-At-Large
  • Stephen Renzoni Juvenile Probation Supervisor, State of CT