Permit Fees

Waterford’s building permit fee is twenty dollars for the first thousand dollars of the total value of the work being done (or fraction thereof), and ten dollars for each additional thousand dollars (or fraction thereof). See our Permit Fee Chart (PDF) for more detail. Building permit fees are charged after an application has been reviewed by the Building Official.

Certain building permits also require reviews for zoning compliance. Zoning Compliance fees are charged when you apply for a permit.

Our online permitting system allows you to pay via credit card or e-check. Processing fees are charged in addition to the building permit fee.

Payment by Credit or Debit Cards (on-line only):  2.95% per transaction, or $3.50 minimum fee per transaction. 

Payment by E-Check/ACH:  $1.00 per transaction.  

Payment by cash or paper check:  No fee.

Zoning Compliance Fees