Permit Fees

Building Permit Fees

Building permit fees are based on the cost of the project. Currently, the fee is $20 for the first thousand dollars of construction cost or fraction thereof and thereafter $10 per every $1,000 of construction cost or fraction thereof. A cost estimate will be required with every application for a building permit. The cost of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, communication, and alarm wiring or any other trades that require their own permits may be deducted from the total project cost but must be listed as separate line items in the estimate. If the submitted cost estimate appears to be out of line with the industry square foot costs as established by the latest edition of the "RS Means Square Foot Costs" book or other similar building estimating books, the building department will establish the project cost using the referenced publications.

In the event of a dispute between the applicant's cost estimate and the building department's estimate, the applicant may submit a signed and notarized copy of the actual contract for the work on the contractor's letterhead.

State Fee

In addition to the base building permit fee, the State of Connecticut charges a continuing education/training fee that is currently $0.26 per every $1,000 of construction cost.

Payment of Other Fees

The payment of the fee for any permit issued by the Building Department shall be in addition to other fees including but not limited to Zoning Compliance and Fees for applications to Land Use Commissions.

Certificate of Occupancy Fee

If a Certificate of Occupancy is required for your project an additional flat fee of $50 (Residential) and $100 (Commercial) will be applied to the overall permit fee. The certificate will be mailed to you after the final inspection(s) and sign-offs are complete.

Please contact the permitting office at 860-444-5826 with any questions regarding permit fees or other fees.

View the Permit Fee Chart (PDF).