Sewer Billing Updates

New Online Payment Options

Notice to Waterford Utility Commission Customers

The Waterford Utility Commission (WUC) has decided to modify the manner in which it bills sewer customers to better align with the City of New London’s water billing cycle. WUC customers will now be billed based on the same billing information and meter read dates that are on their current New London water bill. WUC Sewer Use bills will arrive within two weeks after receipt of their New London water bill beginning in the middle of August, instead of at the start of each quarter.

While we will continue to bill on a quarterly basis, the timing of when sewer bills are sent out is changing from the previous January, April, July and October schedule to the new schedule driven by the New London meter reading dates. This change to the timing of your sewer bill will better align with the receipt of your New London water bill so that customers will be able to see the correlation between water usage and sewer usage. 

New London sends out their water bills within a couple of weeks of the meter read date. On the attached example you will notice that a meter read end date of April is billed in April.  On our current schedule, WUC sends bills after a several months delay and a read end date of January could be billed in April (see below), which is a full quarter behind. Our goal is to eliminate this delay between your water and sewer bills.

Some of our customers may receive a quarterly bill six to eleven weeks after receiving their July bill. This shortened duration between bills will be a one-time only catch up.  Please be aware that this is NOT a double bill, instead it is two quarters worth of usage billed in two bills mailed to you within a shorter timeframe than you would normally experience. 

All customers can expect to receive their quarterly bills within one to two weeks after receipt of their New London water bills moving forward. 

In conjunction with this change we are implementing a new utility billing software system.  With this system change WUC customers can expect to see a new bill format and some new ways that you can make your payment online and in person, including credit card payments.

Please contact our office at 860-444-5886 or email us at with any questions.

Excerpts of Example Current Bills