Radio & TV Stations with Emergency Instructions

What to do when you hear the alert signal? Turn on your radio or television to any of the following stations and listen to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for information.

Primary EAS Radio Stations

  • WTIC-1080 AM, and 96.5 FM (Hartford)
  • WDRC-1360 AM, and 102.9 FM (Hartford)
  • WCTY-97.7 FM (Norwich)

Local EAS Radio Stations

  • WNLC-98.7 FM
  • WSUB-980 AM
  • WTYD-100.9 FM
  • WVVE-102.3 FM
  • WPKT-90.5 FM
  • WLIS-1420 AM
  • WICH-1310 AM
  • WNPR-89.1 FM
  • WQGN-105.5 FM
  • WBMW-106.5 FM
  • WIHS-104.9 FM
  • WMRD-1150 AM

Local EAS TV Stations

  • WFSB-Channel 3
  • WTNH-Channel 8
  • WHPX-Channel 26
  • WVIT-Channel 30
  • WTIC-Channel 61

You will be kept informed by local and state authorities as long as there is an emergency.

Notify your neighbors of the alert if at all possible without using the telephone.

Do not use your phone except for an extreme emergency.