What are the dog park rules?

Rules and regulations of the Waterford dog park, Stenger Farm Park, Clark Lane.

Enjoy your stay!! Thank you for following the rules.

  • The owner of any dog is solely liable for damages or injuries suffered by anyone who is bitten or injured by the dog on the Town premises.
  • Puppies and dogs must be properly licensed, inoculated and healthy.
  • Your dog must be properly vaccinated and wear a collar with current license and rabies tags.
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs.
  • Dogs showing aggression toward people or other animals must leave the Dog Park. Animals who exhibit a history of aggressive behavior will not be permitted to enter.
  • Puppies using the Dog Park must be at least four months old.
  • Owners should not leave their dog unattended or allowed out of sight.
  • Dogs must respond to owner either with verbal commands or hand signals.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered.
  • Owners must carry a leash at all times. Dogs should be leashed before entering and prior to leaving the Dog Park; no more than three dogs per owner.
  • Children under the age of sixteen (16) must be with an adult at all times. No children under the age of five are allowed in the Dog Park.
  • All other Town of Waterford Park Rules apply (i.e. no alcoholic beverages, no glass containers, etc.).
  • No food allowed inside the fence.
  • Hours of operation 9 am to sunset.

Dog Park is closed during inclement weather. Please notify the Recreation and Parks Department at 860-444-5881 if you notice broken equipment or anything that requires immediate attention. Violators will be subject to removal from the dog park and suspension of dog park privileges.

Call 911 for any emergencies. If you need to contact the Police for a non-emergency, call 860-442-9451.

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