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The Tax Collector's Office provides billing and collection of real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle taxes. Taxes are billed and collected semi-annually on real estate and annually on motor vehicles and personal property.


Happy New Year!!

With the new year comes the second installment of your real estate taxes and, if you purchased a new car after October 1, 2022, a partial year tax bill for that vehicle (what we call a Supplemental Motor Vehicle Tax Bill). 

The Supplemental bill will cover the time from the month of the new vehicle purchase/registration through September 2023. If you transferred your license plates from the old car to the new car, you will see a credit for the prepaid taxes on the older vehicle. 

You have through February 1 to make your payment without interest and the Tax Office will be open (weather permitting) on Saturday, January 27 from 9:00am – 12:00 for your convenience.

If you have sold, junked, or disposed of a vehicle…
         do not forget to bring the requisite paperwork to the Assessor’s Office and, if required, cancel your registration at DMV. Active registrations will continue to generate tax bills!


                        IRS Payment Report

You will be able to get a payment report showing all of your tax payments
 for the previous calendar year that you can use for preparing your income tax return.

See the link on the left-hand side of this web page.

DMV Releases: 
Your online payment will not result in an immediate release of the DMV registration hold! Online payments do not post to your account for approximately 3 business days. For an immediate release, you need to pay your delinquent bills in cash or cash equivalent (cashier's check or money order).


Release At DMV

Follow the 10-3-1-0 Rule!!

  • 10-Day Hold on Personal Checks,
  • 3-Day Hold On Online Payments,
  • 1 Day Hold On Payments To The Rossi Law Office,
  • 0-Day Hold On Cash Payments or Certified Checks.

If you need an immediate release at DMV, please let us know!

(Payments through our authorized collection agency, Rossi Law Office, can be made by credit card without additional credit card fees. There is a 24 hour hold on ALL payments made to the collection agency. Please take this into consideration if you need a DMV release.)


*A drop box has been placed at the back entrance of Town Hall.
*Tax payments or other mail for Town Hall departments may be placed in the box.
*Please remember that items placed in the drop box are not dated or time-stamped so if you have a
     time-sensitive event, please make sure that there is a postmark or other date-specific,
     legal marking on your item; otherwise, you should mail the item so that it has a legal postmark.
*Please, no cash payments in the drop box!