Town Clerk

The office of the Town Clerk is the oldest in American History. It was created with the landing of the early settlers in America and serves as a direct link between the citizens of the community and their government. Every town and city in Connecticut has a Town Clerk who serves in the role as: custodian of official public records; communicator of public policy; recorder of the community's history, performer of many varied tasks that assist in the smooth operation of local government.

Our office is the information hub of the town. Our repository holds a tremendous amount of data, including land records, vital (birth, marriage and death) records, board and commission minutes, trade names, filing of military discharges, and historical data. The Town Clerk issues a variety of licenses and administers oaths and certifications. The Town Clerk serves as clerk of the Representative Town Meeting and assists that body with it's legislative functions. The Town Clerk has substantial duties during election time registering voters, certifying candidates and issuing absentee ballots.

Person Behind a DeskYour Town Clerk's office has entered the twenty-first century embracing the technology age. Our state-of-the-art computer system allows for land documents to be indexed and scanned making the information immediately available to the public through computer terminals.

Our office is continuously striving to provide courteous and efficient services to our citizens and taxpayers through the most modern and cost-effective methods available. Please visit us on our website or in person - we look forward to assisting you!

It is an honor and a pleasure to be at your service.

David L. Campo, CCTC
Waterford Town Clerk

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